To commemorate my first visit to the (small) metropolis that is Lebanon, IN last month. Great times.
  1. @rcwornhoff lives there. This is by far the best thing about Lebanon. If your best friend doesn't live in Lebanon you should still go because it's a nice place in The Crossroads of America, but having one of your best friends live there definitely makes it a better experience.
  2. Titus donuts
    The Pershing. Enough said.
  3. The wide variety of restaurants available.
    Ok so not a TON of restaurants, but many more than expected, so it seemed like a lot.
  4. The waterpark.
    @rcwornhoff informed me that this is a rather new addition to the multitude of activities available in Lebanon. It used to be just a pool, but now it has an awesome water slide, so it's definitely a water park.
  5. Super cute town square.
    Fancy Government building. Cute cafés. New condo complex for hip young people. Once again folks, Lebanon's got it all.
  6. Nice classic Midwestern homes.
    And lots of them.
  7. @rcwornhoff @norawornhoff @nwornhoff and the entire Wornhoff clan. Definitely the best part ❤️