Things I've Named "Princess"

So I've named a lot of things princess in my life, and here are a few of them 🎀👑🎀👑
  1. My dog
    For 14 1/2 years I had a wonderful beagle named Princess. She really took the name to heart, expecting only the finest treatment, to get what she wanted when she wanted it (an end she usually achieved by barking), and only deigning to sit on the laps of plebeians (such as her family) for a maximum of 5 minutes per day. She also paid homage to her name by dressing up as a princess every Halloween, complete with doggy tiara. I miss this Princess and childhood companion everyday. ❤️👑🐶
  2. Myself
    Ok this one was KIND OF inadvertent. When I was ten I came up with the email "danceprincess10" because I was ten, I danced, like my dog I was also a princess, and I was cool enough to come up with the email danceprincess10. Which, in case you were wondering, is super cool. My friends have since found out about it this self-proclaimed nickname that I broadcasted to the world via email and haven't let me forget it. And I don't even regret it. Ok, maybe a little bit.
  3. Random small children
    Sometimes I think it's cute to call little girls princesses. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, my alter-ego who works at a Disneyland totally approves.
  4. My new dog
    This is always by accident. I have a new dog named Bella, and as item one states, I used to have a dog named Princess, so sometimes I still accidentally call Bella Princess, usually when she's waking me up in the morning by licking my face, and I'm just not quite ready for that.
  5. TBD
    I've named so many things Princess in my life that @bailey requested this list. I'm not about to stop now 👑👑👑👑👑