1. A family hurriedly gathered around the TV to watch "Mr. Bean."
    I've never seen kids so excited. Who knew that British comedy was so popular in the South Pacific?
  2. A pack of mangy dogs looked ready to attack me, but a different pack of mangy dogs came from behind me and chased them away.
    The latter group hung around the house where I lived, but they were certainly not pets. They seriously came out of nowhere to protect me.
  3. A pack of mangy dogs viciously attacked and killed a single cat.
    I'm pretty sure this was the same group of dogs that came to my rescue earlier. I'm glad I was on their good side...
  4. The village I was in had a few relatively cold evenings (probably around 70 degrees at night as opposed to the normal 80 or higher), and people started pulling out sweaters and blankets from their houses.
    I'm not entirely sure why they even owned sweaters and blankets.
  5. Some old American guy gave me a pamphlet explaining that he moved from the northern hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere to avoid the inevitable detonation of all nukes buried in the U.S.
    There were definitely some interesting sources that identified where all of the nukes are hidden throughout the country.