These are real things in 2016
  1. A woman is a presidential candidate
  2. A racist reality tv star is a presidential candidate
  3. Presidential Candidates fight on Twitter
  4. We pay to get into cars with strangers
  5. Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, and Kobe Bryant are done playing sports
  6. The best player in the NBA is 6'3
  7. The Chicago Cubs are the best team in baseball
  8. NFL players use cropped instagram pictures as contract negotiations
  9. A mom wtih a star wars toy got close to $500,000 dollars because it was funny
  10. The greatest boxer of all time passed away
  11. The greatest musician to be known as a symbol passed away
  12. Professor Snape passed away
  13. Mr. Hockey passed away
  14. The Earth is too hot
  15. See you in 2017... Maybe