Not even that funny. Just disappointing. After a week and a half, I've decided I'm not cut out for this game
  1. My favorite, note the time
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  2. Kid loves his dog
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    In retrospect, I should have responded. I miss my dog.
  3. Sorry!
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    Matthew, it's a no from me.
  4. Christian, is this the start of a cheesy line or are you apologizing because you meant to swipe left?
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    Either way, I'm awkward and going to play dead on this one
  5. 💃💁🏼
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    The only disappointing thing about this is that it was obviously sent to every girl he matched with. Casting a wide net, can't blame him
  6. About 7 guys saying "hi :)"
    Spambot? Can't be too careful
  7. 10 others that respectfully declined to start a conversation
  8. One guy was named Clark griswold so I made a joke about Chevy chase or Wally World or something... A swing and a miss
  9. In unrelated news, I recently looked into getting a dog 😘🐶