These records are great, by tiny bands. I promise that if you like rock and roll, there's something for you here
  1. American steel- jagged thoughts
    Bluesy, stonesy punk tinged rock
  2. Cobra skulls- sitting army
    Misfits meets against me meets a mariachi band meets bad religion in 1985 meets one of the smartest angriest lyricists around. Also some ska
  3. The honor system- single file
    Angular post punk from 1998 that would still be ahead of its time if it came out today. The vocals take a little getting used to, but this is a true masterpiece.
  4. Nomeansno- wrong
    Prog from Canada made by 2 30-something brothers who lived in their mom's basement. They still tour. They look like grandpas and they totally slay
  5. The sidekicks-awkward breeds
    Alt weirdness. So good
  6. The smoking popes- get fired
    Beautiful power pop. If the song 'pretty pathetic' doesn't melt your heart, you ain't got one
  7. Detektivbyran-hemvagen
    Not rock, but still amazing accordions n shit
  8. Oblivion- stop thief
    Weeeeird punklike ramblings from the Midwest. Rare
  9. The beauty shop- ye money or yr life
    True songwriting genius. Acoustic, trap kit, weird Asian girl band nerd on bass. Great lyrics. Influential.
  10. Common rider-last wave rockers
    There has never been another record like this
  11. Communique-poison arrows
    Disco sex rock. Very sexy
  12. Copyrights- north sentinel island
    Perfect pop punk
  13. Dead to me-Cuban ballerina
    The best of the best 2001 wave of great, cool punk bands
  14. The draft-in a million pieces
    If your hillbilly stoner pool boy had the best bar band ever
  15. Fartbarf-dirty power
    I know. I know. You gotta trust me. This band slays
  16. The fire next time-hungry river hymns
    Folk music from Edmonton. The singer of this band is amazingly weird looking. He regularly sleeps with models. No small feat when you're in Edmonton.
  17. Sam Russo- storm
    Acoustic singer songwriter shit from Haverhill, England. No frills. Just lovely music, great lyrics and a beautiful voice.