It ain't good. Here's why:
  1. Long week
  2. I have to work tomorrow and I usually don't.
  3. I had to make a buncha crappy decisions today and all my collaborators were silent. This is ominous and makes me feel like some kinda dictator. I hate this feeling: being pre-resented.
  4. My mom is staying here
    'Nuff said
  5. When I got home from work my wife was not happy to see me and started just complaining and whipping out forms and talking ambiguously about "what we need to do" in the future.
    This leaves me sitting there like a dumbass. Bad feeling on a lot of levels and getting laid...impossible seeming now
  6. I made a great dinner
    But some motherfucker kept buzzing my door and not answering the intercom. I finally ran down 3 flights and he was shifty as hell, and asking for "I believe her name is Katrina?"
  7. I was suspicious as shit about this
    Because this dude was like 22 and didn't know who he was even visiting? In a family walkup? Sheeeeit.
  8. So I exploded
    And said "you see this fucking buzzer? That's mine don't fucking ever push it again.
  9. He was "offended" but as I left to go back upstairs, he put his foot in the door so it wouldn't lock.
    I went back and said "hey motherfucker! I don't know you! Get the fuck out of here!" And pushed him back outside
  10. It reeked of burnt popcorn in the common stairwell
    Is this a fire? Or just some gross asshole stinking up the place?
  11. I came back and sat w 2 kids, my mom and my wife and rage ate.
    I was shaking. I had grilled PERFECT steaks and didn't enjoy them
  12. And then I realized
    That I pointed right at my buzzer and told him not to ring it and then pushed him out of my building and young dudes are the WORST people to piss off because they relish in ruining your life forever and have nothing better to do, so that mofo, if he's worth a shit, will ring my buzzer every night for the next 2 years
  13. So now I feel like a real douche
    And I can't even smoke weed to chill bc my goddamn mom is here and I'm a son of a single mom and thus too cowardly.
  14. So I sit and stew.
    Sigh I like you guys. Lots. Thanks for listening. Xoxo