There must be NO redeeming qualities in your music to make it on this list...for example, I was about to put Van Hagar on here but the way the second verse of right now kicks in is pretty good, so they are (barely) spared
  1. Foriegner
    Just terrible. I did not know until this weekend that all of my most hated songs were by foreigner. God, they suck.
  2. The doors
    My most hated band.
  3. En vogue
    Sounds like a buncha fucking cats
  4. Disturbed
    Low hanging fruit but just so incredibly lame
  5. Great whute
    Their music really burns me up
  6. Mushroomhead
    Bonus points for being named after a part of a circumcised dick
  7. Melissa ethridge/Bonnie raitt/Stevie Ray vaughn
    Pretty much the only interesting thing about the blues is the culture and the fucked up, fat, old, blind, crippled black dudes that make it. This white lady/white guy blues nonsense is so offensively shitty that I don't even care that these entries aren't bands. They each suck enough for four
  8. Please add to this one
    Also, someone tell me how to make suggestions join my list please.