1. I ate shrimp and grits in georgia
  2. I did an Instagram takeover for New Noise magazine.
  3. I drank alcohol
    This will get significant later
  4. Milo from the descendents approached me
    And knew my name. Cool.
  5. We played a show.
    Milo side stage singing along. Take THAT, mom!
  6. Saw and fell in love with Modern Life Is War
    And they are the best dudes. How rad.
  7. Reconciled my beef with catayena
    Well, less a beef than a previous wasted argument about the potential agency of a female porn actress (for the record, I was pro sex worker, my rival felt that pornography in inherently exploitative to women). But anyway, all fixed now. We friends. Which rules. I love them.
  8. Made fun of a dude in overalls, tie dye and a manbun to his face
    Come on dude.
  9. Ate BBQ
  10. Got cut off at the backstage open bar
  11. Went to the clermont
  12. Got kicked out of the clermont
    Impressive feat
  13. Scene missing
  14. Fin