1. Prince kinda sucks
    Get out of here, prince. I get it. Everyone loves prince. I refer you to the title of this list.
  2. Stevie wonder too, for that matter
    Very superstitious (or whatever the fuck it's called) makes me want to barf
  3. Dancing: overrated.
    Some people (notably female people) love dancing. I do not love dancing. If I find myself dancing I'm liking it the exact right amount. Which is somewhere between 'this song rules' and 'Huh...I didn't realize I was dancing'
  4. Vegetables on pizza almost never works out
    I like the notion as a theory. That's it.
  5. Modern country, actually pretty good
    There's almost no other place to hear what people who actually get paid well to play guitars are doing these days.
  6. ICP: pretty cool
    I don't like the music or the dedication to grossness, but they've created a cultural monopoly that's undeniable
  7. The wraith starring Charlie sheen was a great movie
    I saw it 3 times in the theater
  8. So was ishtar
    Are you the auctioneer?
  9. We should be allowed to sex with animals
    This is obviously a joke, guys.
  10. Srsly tho, I'm not uptight about the prospect of my daughter doing it when she gets older.
    Doing it (NOT with animals, remember, that was a joke...with other humans) is one of the greatest and most dazzling experiences this life provides. Why would my daughter experiencing that frighten or enrage me? Overprotective dads with 'daddy's girl/daddy's gun' type attitudes bum me out endlessly.
  11. I've never seen Forrest gump
    This isn't an opinion but I don't know how else to tell you guys.