1. Twix bars
    My mom would by the box of lone individuals and I would house them all in one sitting. Preferred method: scrape all the good shit off the top w my teeth then eat the cookie part second
  2. Pebbles: fruity and cocoa, both
    In huge baking bowl with large spoon. I was a stoner.
  3. Cheez It's dipped in cream cheese
    Very good
  4. Toast
    Love that toast
  5. Babybell cheeses
    Get that wax off and roll that shit into a ball, son!
  6. Specialty taco
    Hard shell, a hot dog, a pickle, salsa
  7. Lil White Castle sliders
  8. Chili cheese fritos
  9. Mountain dew
  10. Microwave burritos
    Bean and cheese only
  11. Hot pockets
  12. As you can probably tell, I was poorly supervised.