Nothing annoys me more than...
  1. Unanswered texts - is it something I said? Are you mad at me? Or did you see it and forget to respond and we cool? Thoughts that go through my head!
  2. People who call me Christina in person or in email. It's. Not. My. Name. Especially coworkers!! You know damn right!
  3. People who don't have attention to detail
  4. Blatant grammar and spelling mistakes - especially by people who think highly of themselves as bloggers. False!!
  5. People who lack a sense of urgency
  6. Chipping a manicure or pedicure seconds after walking out the door of the nail salon!!
  7. When people or brands post something on social media with bad grammar. Ex: "Monday's are for coffee" - GROAN!!!!! MONDAYS, you idiot. "We love this place for it's..." Seriously?! ITS.