Inspired by @MauxMaux
  1. Midas (gold MacBook)
    As in the legend
  2. Amelia (MacBook Air)
    As in Amelia Earhart
  3. Sam (iPod)
    As in "play it Sam"
  4. Jeeves (iPhone)
    As in the 90's search engine. (Also, every butler ever.)
  5. Jackson (iPhone 5)
    As in Jackson 5
  6. Blossom (iPhone 6)
    As in Six, from Blossom
  7. The General (GMC SUV)
  8. Cooper (iPad mini)
    As in the car
  9. Marilyn (first generation iPad)
    As in Monroe
  10. Lavar (kindle)
    As in famed book reader, Lavar Burton 📚🌈
  11. Marian (kindle)
    As in Marian the Librarian (Music Man)