1. After reading someone's lists
  2. That makes you want to write a list
  3. So you go back through your lists to see what you've written about
  4. And you read a few
  5. And you think, "hey, not so bad"
  6. And you remember that one time a celebrity even liked your list
  7. And you're inspired to try for another
  8. List, not celebrity like
  9. But for the life of you, you can think of nothing
  10. So you write a list about making lists
  11. Just to keep your hand in the game
  12. And you hope its not like that 4th grade paper about writing a paper
  13. But then you realize it's EXACTLY like that
  14. And you think of how life is just one big circle
  15. And how it's been 100 years since you've seen The Lion King
  16. And how your breakfast is getting cold
  17. And you're over it
  18. The listing, not the breakfast
    (It's an omelette!)
  19. So you quit
  20. Proud of yourself for doing
  21. For channeling Yoda
  22. And you live to list another day