Inspired by @ListPrompts // This is like those desert islands lists, right? Probably best not to overthink it. Stuff I'd love to be stuck with for a year? Probably this stuff. Let's just hope it never comes to this. 😁
  1. The necessary elements for watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  2. 1,500 chocolate chip cookies
    That oughta do it! 🍪🍪🍪
  3. Infinite Jest
    Finally, a good excuse to finish that tome!
  4. My desert island playlist
  5. This guy
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    Snuggle buddy!
  6. A fake plant & one of those sun-imitating light lamps 🌿☀️
    Gotta make that bunker feel like home. (Home being pre-apocalypse earth of course)
  7. Brush pens
    My calligraphy is gonna get GOOD with so much practice time
  8. Barbells
    Exercise feels like the right way to spend the first year of the apocalypse
  9. My after work sweats
    A year of comfort clothes? Heck yes.
  10. Water?