Requested by @fabs
Apparently I'm partial to characters written by Sorkin & Palladino. (Requested by @fabs & @saxtonfrump)
  1. Josh Lyman (West Wing)
    He's insane but in a witty, brilliant way.
  2. Danny Tripp (Studio 60)
    Former crack addict, doting friend, boldly persistent, decisive, and again with the wit.
  3. Don Keefer (Newsroom)
    Master of the control room, adorably flawed, and the thing with the auction & the book. 💕
  4. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
    1,000 shades of wrong. And yet.
  5. Logan Huntsberger (Gilmore Girls)
    Just so effing charming. #Ace
  6. Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)
    The Philly version. That stare, those books. I'll take it.