Ah, the tables have turned! Thanks @veshecco ☺️ I originally was asked this question during a yoga session & I completely blanked. It's so easy to get caught up in all the things we want to change or improve in ourselves. But it's a grand thing to acknowledge what we've already got going on 🤘🏼
  1. I am curious
    I love, love, love to learn & always want to know more about everything. I am that person in the meeting or the tour asking questions. I stretch myself to read a lot (books, news, etc) & I try to seek out topics that I don't know anything about. There are so many interesting & beautiful things in this world just waiting for discovery
  2. I am a good cook
    Granted, I absolutely still have flubs in the kitchen & recipes that don't pan out (heh, pun!!). It's so fun to experiment with new flavors & techniques & tools. I get new cookbooks at the library on the regular. It's such a cool way to learn about different cultures, families, and to share your own experiences & love. I adore feeding people. My mama is a fantastic cook; the highest praise I can receive is when she loves what I've made
  3. My butt
    Yeah, it has some stretch marks & some cellulite that will never go away (badge of motherhood!). But it's in shape & it looks great in pants. It's pretty much my one curve in an otherwise angular body, so I gotta work it
  4. I strive for empathy
    This is something I've gotten better & better at the older I get. But it's an ever-evolving process. I still get hurt, I still get angry (my kids know cuss words solely due to my road rage). But I immediately feel bad about that & try to see the situation from the other person's point of view. It makes me a better parent, it makes me a better writer. Hopefully it helps me keep my sanity over the next 4 years