Inspired by @roaringsoftly and all the other peoples. This is way belated, but it seems to be a solid bandwagon!
  1. Hey, y'all! I'm Deidre
    Established 1982
  2. I say "y'all" because I'm originally from North Carolina...
    Which enables me to turn on the accent whenever it suits me
  3. ...But my family moved around bunches when I was growing up
    We lived in Barbados; followed by Spokane, Washington; then I finished up high school in the San Francisco Bay Area (way out in the boring-ass Tri-Valley). As a result of New Kid Syndrome, I am very comfortable spending time alone and I'm also very close with my brother
  4. Yeah, I said Barbados
    It was for a year when I was in 2nd grade, which was referred to as Upper 1 there. Due to dad's job (no, he's not military). I remember the place vividly but haven't been back since. I still crave fried flying fish and fear green monkeys to this day
  5. I can't blow up balloons
    For reals
  6. The first home I got to choose for myself was UCLA
    I am a die-hard Bruin (English major 📖). It's where I learned how to fend for myself. I haven't lived in LA for years, but I love to visit & hit up Father's Office on occasion
  7. I know A LOT about health insurance
    Used to work in sales for a big firm. Got official Insurance 101 training in Connecticut for an entire summer (it was exactly as exciting as it sounds). I then worked in HR managing benefits for awhile. You got questions about HMOs vs PPOs or if you really need an FSA/HSA or how referrals work? Come see me. I quit that whole career path exactly one year ago
  8. Married to another Bruin
    But we didn't know each other at school. He's the best partner I could ever hope for, and worth all the work that marriage entails (kids, don't kid yourselves for even a moment — marriage is a HUGE amount of work)
  9. Two kids; I now stay home with them
    They are easily the most adorable, frustrating, insightful, messy, hilarious people I know. At the time of writing, daughter is finishing kindergarten and son is 3 years old (which basically makes him Beelzebub)
  10. I write about Shakespeare for fun (yes, really)
    I walked away from a stressful, unfulfilling career 1 year ago. While I figure out what to do next, I'm home with my kids. I adore them, but I definitely need more than the mom life to keep my brain going. I decided on a project to read Bard's canon. I write about how each play & poem is relevant in 21st relating the themes or situations to my life and pop culture.
  11. John Goodman is my favorite
    I have an extreme fondness for the man. I love that he can vacillate from big cuddly teddy bear to scary as all get out in his roles. Loved him in Treme, all the Coen bros' films, every animated movie to which he's lent his voice, Roseanne, all the things. He's even played Falstaff!!! 🍻
  12. I do other stuff too, when time allows
    I volunteer with my kids' classes, write fiction, I cook a TON (food is the greatest), I practice yoga at home (YouTube for the win!), I go hiking when I can (northern CA is pretty good for that), and I recently worked up the nerve to audition for a local theatre company
  13. I'm verbose and write way too much
    Can't you tell?