Inspired by @amieshmamie & her funny/thought-provoking Questions for Californians. I've lived both in LA & SF & will take that into consideration (northern & southern CA are very different)
  1. Do you think your state is the best state?
    I've lived in a bunch of places, so I've never really thought of any of them as "best" just different. Awesome and/or terrible things in one place don't exist in another, you know? So, um...short answer: no
  2. Stereotypes we have of East Coast people
    Explanation: "East Coast" in CA is generally interpreted as DC on up through New England. The South is its own entity. I guess overall - loud, pushy, with varying heavy accents? Addicted to Dunkin Donuts? Grumpy the whole back half of the year due to the snow?
  3. Do people call it Cali, and can I?
    Only if you're singing along with Biggie Smalls
  4. Best part of living here
    SoCal - beaches. Owning only 1 or 2 jackets. Disneyland. NorCal - sweeping landscape & proximity to cool outdoor adventures. Wine. Incredible, cheap, varied local produce. CA in general - weather (although droughts SUCK). Diversity of residents. Variety of authentic & awesome cuisines available pretty much everywhere. Ability to visit mountains or beaches within a few hours from anywhere in the state.
  5. Worst part of living here
    COST OF LIVING. Traffic & slow or non-existent expansion of public transit (in SF area, trains are old & problematic, in SoCal they're not used as much as they should be, and the state's plan for high-speed rail system has been stupidly stalled for too long). CA has some of the biggest divide of income between residents - the 1% definitely exists here, as do lots of people who barely make enough to scrape by. Gentrification leading to segregation of those awesomely diverse residents
  6. Does life here resemble Zack Morris's?
    Well, the cell phones have gotten smaller, so no. But my alma mater (UCLA) regularly used Mr. Belding as a celebrity guest judge for the annual student musical talent competition, so yes.
  7. Does life resemble the original 90210?
    90s fashion comeback is alive and well, so yes.
  8. Am I offended by SNL's The Californians skit?
    No, we all loved it. You got the wine snobbery of the north mixed with the highly accurate traffic dealings of LA. It was a brilliant send-up
  9. Favorite movie/TV show set in CA
    Movie: hubs says LA Story, I say Sideways (for the accurate and not-often seen glimpse at our beautiful Central Coast region). TV show: The OC (always and forever)
  10. Ever found a cheap flight to Hawaii?
    Yes, especially when Virgin America started flying there & had a bunch of sales. But generally, it's still expensive & I don't go enough
  11. How many times have I seen redwoods?
    Pretty much daily; there are some in my neighborhood
  12. ...what about the sequoias?
    Seen a handful of times
  13. Do I know the difference?
    I worked for the Sierra Club for 7 years, so I better!
  14. Overarching feeling on religion in CA
    Religious diversity is alive and well here. Of course there are people who regularly practice, but it's a rarity that people make their affiliations known outside of major cultural differences. My early childhood in NC revolved around Sundays at church — everyone just went, it was the norm. Here, Sunday mornings are more about the farmer's market or hikes or running errands.
  15. Did I know that CA is bigger than Italy?
    Why, yes. Folks here are pretty proud to be large enough (in population, land mass, wealth, industry) that we could be our own country
  16. Are there amazing thrift stores here?
    Yup. My favorite was hitting up Melrose Ave in LA, there are a whole string of them. Goodwill in wealthy areas can yield some incredible treasures too, but you have to dig
  17. Can I come stay?
    Any time! 😊🍻