"Now" means like the past 5 years. Basically shows that are still on TV. This one's for my kids. I'll do a "then" version too to get up the obviously superior tunes of the 80s/90s
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    Curious George Intro Song
    Dr John, New Orleans wonder and all-around musical badass, penned and performed this jaunty tune. It's got some sick percussion, old school call-and-response fun, and his glorious (glorious!) growly vocals. He also pronounces it "Gyeo-ge", which I totally dig πŸ’ https://youtu.be/0YN_mTQ0kKI
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    Yo Gabba Gabba Intro Song
    I will cut anyone who goes after DJ Lance Rock & the Gabba Gang. All songs created for this show are catchy & dancable (yeah, that's a word now). While the theme is not the show's strongest tune (that would be Party in My Tummy or Time to Dance), it's crazy electro-pop vibes are the quintessential gateway to introduce to you to this show & its characters. 🎢Plex! A magic robot🎢 πŸ€– https://youtu.be/MDhm5SoF8UM
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    Powerpuff Girls Exit Song
    This one counts because of the reboot. I love that my son likes to watch this as much as my daughter does. A perfect, bouncy, bubblegum version of a superhero theme that hearkens back to the old Spider-Man and Batman TV themes. πŸ’—πŸ’šπŸ’™ https://youtu.be/V6wxbYTOz-0
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    "Hot Dog" Exit Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    They Might Be Giants patented weirdness for the win. Fun harmonies for singing along. You will find yourself mimicking the Goofy arm-flap dance whenever you hear it 🌭 https://youtu.be/OZWdkZpZsSU
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    Sid the Science Kid - "I'm Lookin for My Friends"
    Not the intro theme, but this is sung every episode as Sid arrives at his insanely hip science preschool. Each of his little buddies shows off a signature dance move, and it's always fun πŸ”¬ https://youtu.be/sa_cIOFfqrQ