Love this topic!! It ultimately depends on what I'm writing... (search for other li.sts with same title; we're all so different! Fun LR, Eric, thanks! 🙌🏽)
  1. Fiction
    When I have an idea for a specific story, I like to make Spotify playlists in the early stages when I'm doing outlines, idea generating, research. The songs are sort of my personal soundtrack to the movie in my head. I don't do this really for short works, but for longer ones it's really effective to allow me focus on the feelings & ideas I want to evoke. For example...
  2. For example, I made one for the story that's currently not getting enough of my attention
    It's a (not a all romantic) love story about a single mom with her 3 yr old son. Every song on this playlist has a specific meaning/emotion for what I'm brainstorming. You can find it here:
  3. But I also happen to run a blog
    Where I ramble on about about Shakespeare (link in my profile). And, boy howdy, do I ever listen to music when writing that! It varies according to which play I'm covering at the time. Some examples:
  4. Love's Labour's Lost post already had a soundtrack!
    And not curated by me...The Public Theatre in NYC turned LLL into a musical a few years ago for Shakespeare in the Park, & the songs are pretty good!
  5. Macbeth = Halloween music
    For real. I wrote about Macbeth while listening to Grim Grinning Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.
  6. The 3 plays that showcase Falstaff got a drinking-theme playlist
    Lots of country songs about whiskey & getting rowdy. My favorite was Beer Run by Todd Snider
  7. When all else fails, look to classical music
    Composers have been inspired by Shakespeare for years. I listened to Othello as opera, twinkly ballet music for A Midsummer Night's Dream, etc
  8. But for theme-less writing or when I don't want to go digging for something...
    I love the playlists curated by Spotify UK. They are full of dreamy, quiet music that inspire my creativity without having distracting lyrics. Titles of playlists are things like Library Sounds, A Walk in the Woods, that kind of thing
  9. But if you really need specific band names, then OK FINE
    I enjoy Lord Huron, Beck's quieter albums, the Marie Antoinette soundtracks, Band of Horses, atmospheric indie rock stuff like that