Inspired by @amieshmamie - I am long overdue a list about the careers I left behind to do what I'm doing now & why. More to come on that eventually. I have been at home with my kids for about 2 years now after careers in health insurance, then HR. I still do occasional contract projects (employer federal reporting, etc) on a temp basis from home
  1. Always wanted to do this job?
    Well, I've always loved kids; I started babysitting when I was 11. I like all kids, not just my own. I've wanted to be a mother pretty much my whole life, and I started practicing early on my brother & other neighborhood (younger) kids. However, I had no real plan or desire to stay home full time with my kids until I actually made the decision to do it
  2. How many years schooling after high school?
    4 years to earn a BA in English. And no, that degree does not necessarily mean you go into teaching
  3. Loans?
    I got an incredible leg up on my adult life; I have no student loans. Staring at 0 instead of in the red is a big freaking deal. My parents drilled into me the importance of college starting in my toddler years & started saving early. I owe them all the credit & thanks. I went to a state school so tuition wasn't quite as outrageous as some other places & lived in the cheapest place I could (my sorority house). I'm able to be a homeowner today because I wasn't paying back loans
  4. Best part of my job?
    Not dealing with all the shit of my old job (like I said, a list for another time). Much more time with my family. Being healthier (without a commute, I have time for a home yoga practice; also I eat WAY better now that I'm not eating on the run or at a desk). Being able to know my kids' friends & teachers well (I volunteer lead for Daisy Scouts, art classes, occasional preschool events). Not being in a massive rush all the time
  5. Worst part of my job?
    I can't really complain about any of the typical mama stuff, because all of that would exist whether I worked out of the home or not. But answering to 2 bosses who are both less reasonable than myself can get a little tiresome. I miss wearing clothes that are a step up from my new jeans-sweater uniform. And I REALLY miss getting to see old friends for lunch (I used to work in San Francisco, so it was easy to meet lots of my buddies who don't love close to me). It'd be nice to see adults more
  6. Anything ironic about your job?
    Umm...I'm a lazy housekeeper? That's not really ironic. I'm great at cooking & meal planning & educating/guiding young minds, but our house is typically cluttered & dusty. Laundry gets done, though, so no complaints yet
  7. Professional ladder or end goal?
    😂😂😂😂 I have no idea how long I'm doing this, although I suppose at least until my youngest starts kindergarten in 1.5 years. So my professional goal is to figure out what else I want/need to do within the next 2 years 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. What other jobs would I be doing?
    Dream world: I get my masters in library or information sciences & become a librarian. I'm actually going to start volunteering at my local library next month to check it out. A lot of life & money rearranging would have to occur to make that happen, which is why I'm trying to check out that environment first
  9. Happy with my job choice?
    YES. There isn't anything else I'd rather be doing at this moment. It might not work forever, but it's best for my family (& me) right now