Clue: Recast (Marvel Edition)

Inspired by @vmacies & @CadmiumCamera — Clue is pretty perfect, but couch casting is fun! I thought it easiest to start with a existing group of actors. So I went with Marvel movies since they're so damn pervasive & I know all the actors from other things. (Not so much from Marvel: What's Your Pop Culture Gap?) Anyone else gonna recast?
  1. Wadsworth - Tom Hiddleston
    I'm over his smoldering angry dude roles. He could handle a full-blown comedy. Plus, who doesn't want to see this guy sprinting room to room & acting smarter than everyone else?
  2. Colonel Mustard - Samuel L. Jackson
    Totally scary enough to play a convincing war profiteer but solid comedic chops
  3. Mrs. White - Scarlett Johansen
    Duh, Mrs. White is a "black widow". This is a no-brainer for my parallel casting
  4. Professor Plum - Clark Gregg
    I mean, check out hose glasses! So professorial! But definitely has a hidden kinky side
  5. Miss Scarlet - Cobie Smulders
    She's be such a ham in this role
  6. Mr. Green - Chris Evans
    He has to always be the good guy, but has the total ability to play dumb
  7. Mrs. Peacock - Gwyneth Paltrow
    Mostly because she could totally pull of that peacock feather cap.
  8. Mr. Boddy - Robert Downey Jr.
    Can play a smug bastard like nobody's business
  9. Yvette - Chris Hemsworth
    He's totally pretty enough