I knew all these before we married, thank goodness
  1. He very seldom calls people by their name to their face
    I can count on both hands the # of times he's said "Deidre" to me (inc. calling for me from another room); we've been together for 12 years. Same goes for anyone. If he's addressing you, he just makes eye contact so you know he's speaking to you. When he's talking about someone who's outside the conversation, he uses people's names...just not in front of them. He has no reason for doing this, but acknowledges that he does. I think he purposely does this b/c I pointed it out when we were dating
  2. He cannot start something without finishing it IN THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME
    ...at times to my occasional frustration & his detriment. I firmly believe that this is why he's not a big reader. It took me months of coaching & conditioning to get him to agree to build bookshelves in our living room in stages. I convinced him he could tackle specific steps in complete iterations. This quality, however, makes him an excellent engineer & puzzle completer
  3. He always has to wear an undershirt to sleep
    No matter how hot our room gets (we don't have A/C & are subject to heat waves). This is hilarious to me because he's not prudish, he just can't get comfortable without it
  4. He doesn't like to read instructions & will often unabashedly disregard them just to make me roll my eyes
    Back to that engineer mentality
  5. He pronounces it "van-ella" instead of vanilla & also says "swall-in" instead of swollen
    No one else I know talks this way. He's from northern CA, so he's basically accent-less otherwise
  6. He always announces when he's about to do a task
    Not to get kudos for doing a task...more like a slightly sheepish, explanatory tone. "Just gonna start the dishwasher," or "Reaching over to grab a glass". He says it when I'm super-engrossed in other things. I think it's his way of reminding me to pay attention to him