Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. Baby Jessica
    Any of this ring a bell to you 80s babies?
  2. I was in kindergarten at the time
  3. When this toddler, just a tiny 18 month old kid, feel down a well in her aunt's backyard
    I can't even imagine the hell her family went through
  4. My parents usually had the news on in the evening as background noise, so I remember hearing that a baby was trapped in the dark all alone underground
    Some seriously scary shit when you're 5. I didn't understand or pay much attention to "grown-up problems" that were typically in the news. But this was a kid younger than my little brother stuck and scared in the dark. That I could fully grasp and fear.
  5. I recall my mama, who usually has a great poker face, actually stopping what she was doing & focusing intently on the TV, hugging me close while she did so.
    I'd never noticed her actively show her worry when grown-up shows were on
  6. We prayed for Jessica, her family, and the rescue teams for the next two nights
    The first time I prayed for people I didn't know who's problems I actually could wrap my head around
  7. I remember watching the news reel of the paramedics pulling that little girl out of the hole after she'd been down there for over 48 hours.
    The news team said she sang herself nursery rhymes in the dark to stay calm (😭)
  8. And I sure as hell listened to my parents forever more when they told me to get back from mysterious holes or canyons or crevices.
  9. Years later, The Simpsons had an episode inspired by the event
    It's called "Radio Bart", it's the hilarious story of Bart using a walkie talkie to pretend to be a kid called Timmy stuck in a well, then he gets found out before actually falling down a well himself. This was the first piece of pop culture that, viewing at age 10, gave me weird wave of nostalgia for my earlier childhood. Also, Sting was in that episode.
  10. I sure do hope that poor girl and her family got some good therapy in the wake of that nightmare. She seems ok now.
  11. [But really truly: keep your kids away from wells.]