So many great & glorious listers are offering up ways you can take action. We've heard people urging support for Planned Parenthood & many other deserving groups. We've seen beautiful ways people are showing solidarity to the people who stand to be most adversely affected by this election. Here's a few more ways to help, should you want to:
  1. Wear a safety pin on your clothes
    In the U.K., in the Brexit aftermath, people started wearing safety pins. It's a quick visual way to show your support for marginalized groups, & to show that they can come to you for assistance if they're actively being harassed or just feeling nervous for any reason. There's a movement to do this here:
  2. Donate to the UNHCR
    A marvelous group that is working to help refugees get resettled elsewhere
  3. Aid the environment
    Join your local Sierra Club chapter, or you can make a 1-time donation to the group at large. I used to work there; I know these people. They do good, hard work for lands protection, wildlife, & promotion of clean energy & green job creation. There are other awesome Green groups out there as well (Treehugger or Grist are great jumping points for research)
  4. Breathe, listen, be kind to each other. We have to be an example for kids everywhere, whether you have them or not