Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. That @LizDawson is loving that her awesome caught on, but possibly regretting all the tags she's now receiving 😉
  2. In Gwyneth Paltrow cookbooks
    Come at me.
  3. That everyone should donate to charity at least twice a year - to a group that focuses on a global issue, and to one that affects his local community
    Any amount will do; whatever you can spare
  4. That it is my responsibility to talk openly and honestly with my children about sex, consent, and abuse
  5. That a cuppa tea really does make everything better ☕️
  6. That there is a perfect, grab-you-by-your-shoulders, riveting, book out there for everyone, even the non-readers 📖
  7. That all American kids, regardless of race/religion/socio-economic background/gender should have the ability to go camp for free in the National Parks 👫🏕
    Kinda like the lovely idea from Mr Smith Goes to Washington
  8. That high schools everywhere should require a personal finance course to graduate
    Topics include: how credit cards work, interest, basics about investing, IRAs/401ks...
  9. That the phrase "having it all" is a horrific method of pitting women against each other
  10. That everyone's time is best expressed in a pie chart. There is only 100%, and you may dole it or as you see fit. Anyone asking you to give 110% is a goddamn lunatic moron.