In effort to shake things up, or to be more present, or to create new habits...I have some small but do-able goals for my 35th year. We'll see, I guess
  1. β€’
    Turning off social media & checking news at 3pm every day for at least a week πŸ“΅
    Hoping this helps me be more available for the family & alleviate some night time stress. If it helps, I'll do it more regularly
  2. β€’
    Audition for another play πŸŽ­βœ…
    Done in Feb & I got a callback! Did not get cast, but proud of my progression. I'll try again next year
  3. β€’
    Volunteering in my community, outside my kids' schools πŸ«βœ…
    I'm currently undergoing a background check to help out at my town library! Update: started library gig in April after background process took 2 months. Whenever I shelve books, I sock away 5-6 to take home with me
  4. β€’
    31 Day Yoga Revolution πŸ’†πŸ»βœ…
    Daily workout/mindful practice on YouTube. Yoga with Adriene πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Started earlier in Jan before my birthday; started to build a more consistent practice.
  5. β€’
    Throw a dinner party for friends πŸβœ…
    I love cooking for others & don't have friends over enough. We grilled tacos with al the fixings this summer; had people over for no actual reason/event (not a birthday, etc)
  6. β€’
    Write to my Congressional reps at least every other month πŸ›
    Social media pings don't count
  7. β€’
    Go swimming in the ocean or bay πŸŠβœ…
    No using "but the Pacific is always freezing" as an excuse
  8. β€’
    One non-cooking chore everyday πŸ›’
    Vacuuming, laundry, mopping...all that nonsense is much better when it's spread out
  9. β€’
    Up water intake, monitor it 🚰
    A classic
  10. β€’
    Get my ass to a dermatologist πŸ‘©πŸ½β€βš•οΈβœ…
    I wanna look good in my old age
  11. β€’
    More hikes: at least 1x month πŸ”
    I tend to slack off in the rainy season
  12. β€’
    A full media blackout 1 day each month this year πŸ•³
    Just to reset & focus on other stuff. Not get sucked into Twitter black holes
  13. β€’
    Read at least 3 nonfiction books on cultures/historical figures/places with which I am not that familiar πŸ“–
    In effort to learn about things that are completely outside my bubble
  14. β€’
    Take the kids to a UCLA football game 🏈
    Nostalgia, meet your future
  15. β€’
    More summer night star-gazing πŸŒŒβœ…
    Mosquitos be damned
  16. β€’
    Go see a Broadway touring musical πŸŽ«βœ…
    Fun Home in February β€” it was hilarious & moving. Totally see why it won 2015 Tony!
  17. β€’
    Only pay attention to reliable, facts-based, low-bias journalism πŸ“°βœ…
    NPR, PBS, BBC for the win. Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post. I'm done with click bait, even when it speaks to my own beliefs. Update: I'm doing pretty well on this one! Getting off Facebook helped
  18. β€’
    Send mail to my parents from me & the kids πŸ“¬βœ…
    Grandparent pen pals!
  19. β€’
    Go to a concert πŸŽΈβœ…
    Ah, reliving my 20s!! Tickets for last night of Bottlerock in May! Update: such a fun time! Danced/drank/enjoyed music for full 9 hour stretch. Great mix of new-to-me bands & old faves
  20. β€’
    Vacation somewhere we've never been πŸš‰βœ…
    TBD, but I'd really love to take a sleeper train while the kids are young. Update: family trip to Seattle on sleeper train!
  21. β€’
    Write 2 full stories; share with someone πŸ“
    Indeterminate length
  22. β€’
    Go see a non-kids movie in the theater πŸ“½
    I used to see movies all the time when I lived in LA, before my parental life. Now...I think the last rated R movie I saw in theater was in 2014?
  23. β€’
    Donate to 5 worthy organizations πŸ’΅βœ…
    There's always someone who needs it more than me
  24. β€’
    Find an occasion to get dressed up with my husband πŸ‘—
    No weddings in the docket for this year so we'll have to make our own fun
  25. β€’
    Take relaxing baths more often πŸ›€πŸΌβœ…
    I never soak in a tub (not since pregnancy), & that needs to change. Preferably with a book & wine
  26. β€’
    Send List Requests πŸ’›
    I rarely do this. That's silly. I will send bunches & bunches. Feel free to ignore them, just know that a LR from me means I like hearing from you in any capacity
  27. β€’
    Take initiative on setting play dates for my kids πŸ‘«βœ…
    I am so bad at this & that needs to change. Update: I've been working on this & have a few mama friends now as a result of my efforts! The kids have been to friends' houses & we have people over way more often.
  28. β€’
    Take more photos, be in more photos πŸ“Έ
    I've relied on other people to take pictures since my sorority days
  29. β€’
    Finally do those videos for my kids πŸ“Ή
    I had this idea to do a few story-telling style videos of me for my kids to watch when they're a little older. I'd cover grown-up but embarrassing topics that kids sometimes feel uncomfortable talking about with their parents. Just me relaying a couple of my own stories or thoughts about sex, bullying, drugs/alcohol, being pissed off at authority. I hope we have open communication when they're older, but thought a younger, distanced version of me could be another tool to help them (maybe?)
  30. β€’
    Secure a local babysitter πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ
    6 years of parenting, & we still rely on grandparents 40 miles away or MyGym Parent Nights.
  31. β€’
    Call/text/email my friends more to just check in πŸ“±βœ…
    It's 100% true that as you get older & settled in your life of work & family & whatnot, your friendships get pushed to the back burner. My book club helps with that, but I just need to say hi more, especially since I'm so infrequently on Facebook. Update: actively working on this
  32. β€’
    Plan fun one-on-one dates with each of my kids πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§βœ…
    They love having solo attention, & it helps me calm down & just enjoy the time rather than getting frantic from reining them both in while out in public Update: summer is the perfect time for this. Recently rode trains & went out to lunch with the boy, store with the girl to shop for toy she earned through chores
  33. β€’
    Help/encourage/blackmail my husband to make those built-in bookshelves he's been planning for a year now πŸ“šβœ…
    You only have time for a project if you make the time. He wants to do this & keeps talking himself out of it. I want an excuse to buy more books. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN Update: Hubs completed one full built-in!! Now I just need him to do the other side of the fireplace
  34. β€’
    Make our study into a comfy room we all enjoy πŸ›‹βœ…
    Instead, it's become a random repository for old toys + pullout couch for guests. I need to toss some toys, install a door, put up curtains, & set up a good work space the kids & I both use for projects.
  35. β€’
    Keep the fern alive 🌿
    I will break my curse of plant killing! Update: as of April, it's still alive! July, it's kinda sorta hanging on