I'mma Try It: 35 for 35

In effort to shake things up, or to be more present, or to create new habits...I have some small but do-able goals for my 35th year. We'll see, I guess
  1. 1.
    Turning off social media & checking news at 3pm every day for at least a week πŸ“΅
    Hoping this helps me be more available for the family & alleviate some night time stress. If it helps, I'll do it more regularly
  2. 2.
    Audition for another play πŸŽ­βœ…
    Done in Feb & I got a callback! Did not get cast, but proud of my progression. I'll try again next year
  3. 3.
    Volunteering in my community, outside my kids' schools πŸ«βœ…
    I'm currently undergoing a background check to help out at my town library! Update: started library gig in April after background process took 2 months. Whenever I shelve books, I sock away 5-6 to take home with me
  4. 4.
    31 Day Yoga Revolution πŸ’†πŸ»βœ…
    Daily workout/mindful practice on YouTube. Yoga with Adriene πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Started earlier in Jan before my birthday; started to build a more consistent practice.
  5. 5.
    Throw a dinner party for friends πŸβœ…
    I love cooking for others & don't have friends over enough. We grilled tacos with al the fixings this summer; had people over for no actual reason/event (not a birthday, etc)
  6. 6.
    Write to my Congressional reps at least every other month πŸ›
    Social media pings don't count
  7. 7.
    Go swimming in the ocean or bay 🏊
    No using "but the Pacific is always freezing" as an excuse
  8. 8.
    One non-cooking chore everyday πŸ›’
    Vacuuming, laundry, mopping...all that nonsense is much better when it's spread out
  9. 9.
    Up water intake, monitor it 🚰
    A classic
  10. 10.
    Get my ass to a dermatologist πŸ‘©πŸ½β€βš•οΈ
    I wanna look good in my old age
  11. 11.
    More hikes: at least 1x month πŸ”
    I tend to slack off in the rainy season
  12. 12.
    A full media blackout 1 day each month this year πŸ•³
    Just to reset & focus on other stuff. Not get sucked into Twitter black holes
  13. 13.
    Read at least 3 nonfiction books on cultures/historical figures/places with which I am not that familiar πŸ“–
    In effort to learn about things that are completely outside my bubble
  14. 14.
    Take the kids to a UCLA football game 🏈
    Nostalgia, meet your future
  15. 15.
    More summer night star-gazing 🌌
    Mosquitos be damned
  16. 16.
    Go see a Broadway touring musical πŸŽ«βœ…
    Fun Home in February β€” it was hilarious & moving. Totally see why it won 2015 Tony!
  17. 17.
    Only pay attention to reliable, facts-based, low-bias journalism πŸ“°βœ…
    NPR, PBS, BBC for the win. Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post. I'm done with click bait, even when it speaks to my own beliefs. Update: I'm doing pretty well on this one! Getting off Facebook helped
  18. 18.
    Send mail to my parents from me & the kids πŸ“¬βœ…
    Grandparent pen pals!
  19. 19.
    Go to a concert πŸŽΈβœ…
    Ah, reliving my 20s!! Tickets for last night of Bottlerock in May! Update: such a fun time! Danced/drank/enjoyed music for full 9 hour stretch. Great mix of new-to-me bands & old faves
  20. 20.
    Vacation somewhere we've never been πŸš‰βœ…
    TBD, but I'd really love to take a sleeper train while the kids are young. Update: family trip to Seattle on sleeper train!
  21. 21.
    Write 2 full stories; share with someone πŸ“
    Indeterminate length
  22. 22.
    Go see a non-kids movie in the theater πŸ“½
    I used to see movies all the time when I lived in LA, before my parental life. Now...I think the last rated R movie I saw in theater was in 2014?
  23. 23.
    Donate to 5 worthy organizations πŸ’΅βœ…
    There's always someone who needs it more than me
  24. 24.
    Find an occasion to get dressed up with my husband πŸ‘—
    No weddings in the docket for this year so we'll have to make our own fun
  25. 25.
    Take relaxing baths more often πŸ›€πŸΌ
    I never soak in a tub (not since pregnancy), & that needs to change. Preferably with a book & wine
  26. 26.
    Send List Requests πŸ’›
    I rarely do this. That's silly. I will send bunches & bunches. Feel free to ignore them, just know that a LR from me means I like hearing from you in any capacity
  27. 27.
    Take initiative on setting play dates for my kids πŸ‘«βœ…
    I am so bad at this & that needs to change. Update: I've been working on this & have a few mama friends now as a result of my efforts! The kids have been to friends' houses & we have people over way more often.
  28. 28.
    Take more photos, be in more photos πŸ“Έ
    I've relied on other people to take pictures since my sorority days
  29. 29.
    Finally do those videos for my kids πŸ“Ή
    I had this idea to do a few story-telling style videos of me for my kids to watch when they're a little older. I'd cover grown-up but embarrassing topics that kids sometimes feel uncomfortable talking about with their parents. Just me relaying a couple of my own stories or thoughts about sex, bullying, drugs/alcohol, being pissed off at authority. I hope we have open communication when they're older, but thought a younger, distanced version of me could be another tool to help them (maybe?)
  30. 30.
    Secure a local babysitter πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ
    6 years of parenting, & we still rely on grandparents 40 miles away or MyGym Parent Nights.
  31. 31.
    Call/text/email my friends more to just check in πŸ“±βœ…
    It's 100% true that as you get older & settled in your life of work & family & whatnot, your friendships get pushed to the back burner. My book club helps with that, but I just need to say hi more, especially since I'm so infrequently on Facebook. Update: actively working on this
  32. 32.
    Plan fun one-on-one dates with each of my kids πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§βœ…
    They love having solo attention, & it helps me calm down & just enjoy the time rather than getting frantic from reining them both in while out in public Update: summer is the perfect time for this. Recently rode trains & went out to lunch with the boy, store with the girl to shop for toy she earned through chores
  33. 33.
    Help/encourage/blackmail my husband to make those built-in bookshelves he's been planning for a year now πŸ“šβœ…
    You only have time for a project if you make the time. He wants to do this & keeps talking himself out of it. I want an excuse to buy more books. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN Update: Hubs completed one full built-in!! Now I just need him to do the other side of the fireplace
  34. 34.
    Make our study into a comfy room we all enjoy πŸ›‹
    Instead, it's become a random repository for old toys + pullout couch for guests. I need to toss some toys, install a door, put up curtains, & set up a good work space the kids & I both use for projects.
  35. 35.
    Keep the fern alive 🌿
    I will break my curse of plant killing! Update: as of April, it's still alive!...in July, it's kinda sorta hanging on