At age 3, for each of my family members. I don't think Hubs had one (do future engineers have character-oriented imaginations?...πŸ˜†)
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    My daughter's imaginary friend when she was 3 (3 years ago):
    RINGO STARR - she's been a massive Beatles fan since her toddler days, & she still loves Ringo best. (She even dubbed her brother George Harrison when I was pregnant with him, which was sweet & weird). The love has lasted for years - she just wrote a fan letter to the guy, inviting him to our house to play Super Mario Bros. She's convinced that when we eventually visit the UK that she will get to tour his house & hang with him.
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    My son's imaginary friend at age 3 (now):
    BILLY THE ZOMBIE - yeah, dudes. The dead guy with his mouth sewn shut from Hocus Pocus. I dunno what this means, but the kid blames any & all transgressions on this silent, decomposing freak show. I'm expecting Billy's activity levels to ramp up as we approach Halloween & start watching this movie 3x a week or so.
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    My imaginary friend at age 3 (31 years ago):
    CAROL ANNE - what can I say? I watched Poltergeist for 3 days straight when HBO did one of those days of free service as a promo (anyone remember those? In later years, my dad would frantically set up the VCR & record as many free movies as he could during those periods). My parents were young & working lots & Mama was hugely pregnant with my baby bro, so I think they were relieved I was entertained. I'd pretend to talk to the TV, thinking she was in it
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    (We're obviously a macabre family with excellent taste in music πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘¦πŸΌπŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ’€)