Daddy loves movies. He just doesn't feel the need to remember any of their titles. Here's what he thinks they are called:
  1. The Chick in the Pool
    (Lady in the Water) My all-time favorite.
  2. Sometimes Fameless
    (Almost Famous) I love my father. My favorite quirk of his is the inability to say the word "famous" — some weird mental block that never fails to crack up my bro and me.
  3. Mamas with Babies
    (Baby Mama) So, so close!
  4. That Tarentino Movie
    He loves QT and all his movies. He just can't remember any of the titles except for Pulp Fiction. When he says "The Tarentino Movie" he usually means Inglorious Basterds, but occasionally Death Proof. The Kill Bills are referred to as "The Carradine Movies"
  5. The Relevant
    (The Revenant)...although he's totally not alone with this one.
  6. The One wth the Guy from Ocean's 11
    ...take your pick