Movies I Watched in 2017

Inspired by heaps of you. Only counting the movies I see with my kids if I actually paid attention to the whole thing. Given that I'm a former movie buff who's turned more to TV & books in recent years, I'm sorta unsure how this will turn out
  1. Hush
    Fun horror movie that has a highly capable & independent female protagonist (yay! Not just a Final Girl cliche). Home invasion against a deaf woman who lives alone
  2. The Neverending Story
    I watched it with my daughter & suddenly I was 6 years old right alongside her 💛
  3. The Lego Batman Movie
    I.e. the best rainy day movie theatre option available that day. Had some funny gags about former Batman films. Overall, entertaining enough
  4. Hot Fuzz
    After chatting about its hilarity with a few of you on another list, I had to see it again. Streaming on Netflix!
  5. The Merchant of Venice
    Watched it for my blog, and was pleasantly surprised. MOV is not an easy play to perform through a modern lens (the prejudice & cruelty of one plotline hang over the romance aspect), but this was a stellar cast & beautifully filmed. Yup, that's Al Pacino as Shylock — Jeremy Irons & Joseph Fiennes also star
  6. Love & Friendship
    A must-watch for Austen fans! Based on one of her early epistolary stories. Completely funny & charming. Kate Beckinsale at her best since Cold Comfort Farm. Streaming on Amazon Prime
  7. Spy
    This one made me giggle a whole lot. I'd happily watch it several times over so I could quote it always
  8. Ghostbusters
    I hadn't seen it yet! And Chris Hemsworth was pretty funny. Plus, I love Feig plugging all of his Other Space talent. And McKinnon is just a babe. It was fun! UPDATE: watched it again with my daughter. It was her first GB movie, & she adored it
  9. In the Loop
    Because I have a vacuous chasm inside me while I await new Doctor Who and Veep episodes
  10. Other People
    Laughed & laughed. Then cried. Then wanted to call my mama.
  11. What If
    If you are in the need for a feel-good romantic movie with a fun cast (good chemistry) & a pleasant soundtrack, this is a great little Sunday afternoon kinda flick
  12. Ponyo
    Sweet update on The Little Mermaid, as done by Japanese animation. English dubbing has lots of fun celeb voices (Betty White, Tina Fey). Watched this as a family & my kids found it hilarious. Ponyo loves ham!
  13. Zoolander 2
    It was bound to happen eventually (I am that person who loves & quotes the original). Nowhere near to the original in terms of laughs, but Benedict Cumberbatch bit was pretty great
  14. Titus
    Another Shakespeare film adaptation. Julie Taymor is a great visual director; she made some graphic violence appear to be almost beautiful. Solid cast (Jessica Lange's first Shakespeare experience!), but I'm not the biggest fan of this story. It's hard to watch due to a sexual violence plot line
  15. All's Well That Ends Well
    The Globe Theatre in London has an online player where you can stream filmed recordings of many of their live performances from the past few years. Such a cool way for this Bard nerd to check out the less-performed plays! Rental fee applies. This is a problematic play to read/study, but watching it really made me see how funny it is & helped me grasp its undercurrent of female empowerment (that's hard to detect from just reading)
  16. Cars 3
    My husband's Father's Day gift was a day where he got the house all to himself. I took the kids to see this. It's more for adults than kids. Still plenty of jokes & racing stuff for them to enjoy, but it's about how McQueen struggles with aging out of his racing career. Old guy problems, for sure
  17. Pericles, Prince of Tyre
    Another filmed stage performance available for streaming! The Stratford Festival out of Canada puts out consistently beautiful Shakespeare plays. Many of their recent ones stream through Amazon. Pericles is the closest the Bard gets to (co)writing a full-blown fairy tale. It's a much more interesting tale to watch rather than read
  18. Get Out
    Just as good as everyone said. Avoid spoilers; just watch. If horror makes you squeamish, you can still enjoy this film - it's more like a thriller that happens to have some funny moments & a super strong cast