My Childhood Pop Culture That My Kids Now Adore

Thanks to nostalgia marketing aimed at Gen X and older Millennials, new parents can re-enjoy their childhood alongside their kids! Here's what I have eagerly foisted upon my 3 & 6 yr olds:
  1. Animaniacs
    Thank you, Netflix! I was a big kid (~11 yrs) when I watched this. And IT HOLDS UP. Kids like the slapstick, I laugh at the Dana Delaney jokes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I still knew all the words to the theme song, and the kids ask me to sing it daily. It's not growing old yet.
  2. Hook
    I recall loving the Neverland set and food fight scene, which is just what drew my kids in. Now, I view it as a parable for parenting and a sweet love letter to Robin Williams (😭)
  3. Ducktales
    🎶 Woo-ooh 🎶 We sing the theme song in the car on the way to school.
  4. My American Girl dolls
    The ONE toy collection I saved from my days of yore. And my daughter is about to inherit it (piecemeal) for her birthday. She's been awaiting this eagerly for about a year, since we started reading the historic dolls' books. Kirsten Larson 4eva.
  5. Weezer's blue album
    A bit if a cheat, since I was a teenager at the time it was released. But my son goes bonkers for this album. He requests Surf Wax America weekly and loves to yell along 🎶 You take your car to work...I'll take my board🎶
  6. The Chipmunk Adventure
    Please tell me you are also familiar with the most Miami Vice influenced 80s cartoon film onthe planet. I got it on DVD years ago as a gag to share with my brother, but my kids are obsessed with this movie about the Chipmunks & Chipettes on a hot air balloon race around the world to (inadvertently) smuggle diamonds. KICK ASS SOUNDTRACK. Also, "Mario!! Where's my coffee?!?!"