Whoa. This is TOUGH, it also bleeds into a draft for a future list I have about the soundtrack of my life. I may be adding to this one later on as I think on it more. The most crucial thing here — love comes in all forms. These are songs (for me) about my spouse, my kids, my parents & bro, my friends who have come & gone
  1. The Book of Love - Magnetic Fields
    @theshome recently reminded me of this song, & it's such a beauty. And you know what, y'all? "The book of love IS long & boring" — but it's still damned important. I love that this tune acknowledges the new, fresh side of love & the transition it takes to a long, enduring relationship
  2. Hands on the Wheel - Willie Nelson
    For anyone who has ever found someone who surprised them into wanting to stay still for a minute. Life is crazy; when you find anyone who calms you: PAY ATTENTION
  3. Cigarettes & Coffee - Otis Redding
    One of my favorite song writers & singers of all time. The BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL song about the reality of a relationship in its quiet moments. I don't smoke, but this song is perfect. Any kind of person you love, you just need to be able to sit & talk with him/her sometimes without an agenda: that in itself is magic
  4. All for Love - Rod Stewart, Sting, Bryan Adams
    Yup, the tune from The Three Musketeers film of the 90s. 🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿Cc: @veshecco @marginally_amazing @kaydbug89 — sometimes, you gotta belt out your love in the cheesiest manner possible. When you inevitably hear it playing in the grocery store, I dare you to sing along (& I want video when that happens)
  5. Your Song - Elton John
    Just a goddamned classic treasure. This song is played all the time for a reason. It is lovely, simple, pure. I sang this as a lullaby to my kids when they were small. My dad played it all the time for me when I was small. This song IS love
  6. You are the Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne
    Ugh, I'm such a sucker for this tune. I sing it to my Hubs, I sang it to my kids regularly when they were babies. You can feel this way about anyone in your life, but I really, really hope that every one has someone that they feel this way about at some point (a friend, a kid in their life, a lover, doesn't matter). Plus, fun soul-inspired backing vocals & easy slow groove for dancing! Good tune to request at weddings (if you actually like the couple together 🙃)
  7. I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever) — Stevie Wonder
    This song is the coda on one of my fave movies about love: High Fidelity. This is for the people who have been through a lot together, but manage to continue to come out on the other side. Sometimes, you just have to believe that it will continue to last
  8. You've Got a Friend - Carole King
    For anyone at all who has ever meant anything to me 💛
  9. Rouse Yourself - JC Brooks & the Uptown Band
    Modern soul. Excellent for dancing with anyone who makes you swoon. 🎶"If we have forever...I hope we just get better, better, better..."🎶
  10. Fools Rush In - Elvis Presley
    Just heartbreakingly good. We have all been there at one point — that moment when you just are overwhelmed with how much you care about someone
  11. Daughter - Loudon Wainwright
    The quintessential song about adoring a little child who has you wrapped around her finger. It is my daughter in every way
  12. Make You Feel My Love - Adele
    Yes, I know this is an old Dylan song & has been covered far & wide. But it has to be the Adele version for me. She was so young when she recorded it, but she found haunting, aching corners in this song that don't exist when others sing it. Her version is a mother's song (well before she actually became a mother). It is about my love for my son; don't try to convince me otherwise
  13. My Way - Frank Sinatra
    So...the lyrics of this song are not about love or partnership in anyway whatsoever. The singer doesn't need anyone; he's fiercely (stubbornly, rudely) independent. But this song was played by EVERY SINGLE street musician in 3 countries on a European vacation with my boyfriend in 2007. On this trip we spent all our time in only each other's company for a few weeks. It was the test of a budding relationship, & it taught us that we could make it work. 2 years later, it played at our wedding
  14. Sweet Thing - Van Morrison
    It's gonna sound weird, but this is pretty much my self-love tune 💃🏻