My Favorite Sad Sacks

This was a fun list to consider; thanks for request @andersun 😊 When these characters find a sliver of hope or happiness (usually fleeting), I cheer more wholeheartedly than for any lame old protagonist. Bless their hearts.
  1. Ted Buckland
    He even looks a little like Droopy the Dog (poor Ted)
  2. Milhouse Van Houten
    Already devoted a to this guy 👍🏽 Milhouse Moments
  3. Eeyore
    The grand poobah and general mascot of sad sacks everywhere
  4. Jerry Gergich
    Technically, he's viewed as a sad sack in the office only. My fave running gag of P&R was that Jerry/Gary/Larry had a happy and fulfilling personal life, and was able to cheerfully compartmentalize
  5. George Michael Bluth
    He even got Charlie Brown theme accompaniment for his sad walk!
  6. Toby Flenderson
    The spokesman for sad, beaten-down HR people (so say I, a former HR person)
  7. Jared Dunn
    I love him because he so embraces his sad sackness
  8. Ray Ploshansky
    The sad sack who's trapped in his own hyper-intellectualism