In kindergarten, my daughter had to write a "how-to" book. Most kids wrote about how to make PB&J or how to pet their cat gently. My kid wrote about her political beliefs. Note: Hubs & I don't talk politics around her, but we do watch the news each morning as we get ready. From that, she's made her own inferences. Spot on ones, at that.
  1. "How to Get Donald Trump", by Harper
    She says his hair is easy to draw: "it's just a yellow square"
  2. Step 1:
    "First, make a trap. Press the right button. Then open and close it, like books slapping."
  3. Step 2:
    "Donald Trump is going to be here. Warning! Be careful! He is a bully!"
  4. Step 3:
    "Lock him in jail. Shut the door."
  5. Step 4:
    "Throw him in jail. Throw the key away. Now go home!"
  6. Epilogue
    Her teacher giggled when she showed it to me, and asked if it would be ok if she made a copy to keep for herself.