I can't really top @kcupcaker & Dalai Lama's take on this exact subject (NEW RULES WE ALL NEED TO AGREE TO ADOPT RIGHT NOW), but I'll give it a shot
  1. We will attempt to ask & listen before we get all up in arms
    Some li.sts (& people & songs & viewpoints & sartorial decisions & what-have-you) will ruffle your feathers. Some people don't use the most accurate or best phrasing the first time through - ask questions if you don't agree or need clarification, & allow people to clarify their statements before going on the offensive. We can educate each other without screaming (or the typed equivalent thereof)
  2. We won't assume X also means Y about anyone
    Everyone here has a unique & unexpected blend of backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, and tastes. We're all complex folks who are still figuring our own stuff out. None of us need to be saddled with someone else's expectations
  3. Anytime Two Princes by the Spin Doctors is on the radio (or playlist or whatever) it shall be cranked to the utmost volume
    I'll just add this to the bylaws, ok?
  4. We will strive to handle our issues directly with a party rather than making grudges public domain for all to witness
    If you have beef with someone, so be it. You don't have to like everyone or their opinions, not by a mile. Send them a LR or some other direct message if you feel the need to deal with it directly. But passive aggressive mentions only perpetuate drama. Give the other party the chance to right a wrong or respond to you directly & leave everyone else out of it. And if someone's corrected their wrong, we can then drop the subject. Let's refrain from turning into Twitter, please 😫
  5. We all acknowledge the unofficial canonization of Mr Rogers
    He wasn't Catholic, but I'm pretty sure we can get Francis on board with this
  6. We recognize the right of anyone to change their minds and their hearts
    We can change; we can grow. As the world changes & we learn new information & we live out more of our lives, we should strive to be more open rather than more set in our ways. Don't knock someone for having a new opinion than they did previously
  7. Slower traffic on the right, passing on the left
    For driving or for walking. I mean, this is a safety no-brainer, y'all. Let's abide