Specifically, things to do before my kids reach their teen years
  1. Disney World, with my parents along for the ride
    My father has insisted since the birth of my oldest that he will accompany us to WDW. Disneyland my little fam does on our own, but he wants to be there for the big deal (Orlando is a much, much bigger deal than Anaheim). Waiting for my youngest to be a little older so we can enjoy the trip with less whining & lots more ability to ride the fun stuff
  2. Sending them to overnight camp
    Yes, this will be an amazing break for us adults from the kiddos. But camp was easily one of my top 5 childhood experiences, & I hope the same for them. It's a wonderful way to experience some independence at an early age
  3. Visiting a major national park
    We're lucky to have some local national parks/monuments nearby (Presidio in SF & Muir Woods, or Great Smokeys near my parents). But I want to take them to Yosemite or Arches or Grand Canyon...something huge & epic & iconic
  4. Teaching them to get their own breakfast without help
    Reclaim my weekend mornings!!
  5. Catching lightning bugs
    We did this on a visit in NC when they were very young, but they don't remember. Gotta bust this one out again on an east coast trip
  6. Take them to another country
    Costa Rica is highest on my list for a family vacation, but gotta raise them funds
  7. Everyone reading their own book at the same time in the same space, silently
    If we could do this just once, I would faint from sheer happiness
  8. Camping in our backyard
    Stargazing...with the comforts of our own bathroom & kitchen nearby
  9. Camping on an actual campground
    Real wilderness!
  10. Get a dog
    It's ever-so-slowly in the works. We will adopt, and I will carefully vet any possible options. I had lots of dogs as a kid, and I can't wait for my own kids to experience that kind of love
  11. Have a non-sick and non-travel day off from school
    Just blow it all off and have some local fun, Ferris Bueller style
  12. Write to an elected official that they respect & get a letter in return
    At least we like our current senators
  13. Get them a teenage babysitter, because all kids need a bigger kid to look up to