1. My kids dig Elvis
    And Ray Charles. And Weezer. And The Beatles. And Hank Williams. We're still working on the Stones
  2. Reading Harry Potter (Sorcerer's Stone) to my 5 year old
    We started it on a stormy night in front of a roaring fire. I nearly sobbed from sheer happiness. Now, she makes me be Snape or Hagrid on a regular basis
  3. Going to Disneyland
    I'm a big believer that my kids had to be old enough to walk around without a stroller. When they were 3 & 5 respectively, we went for the first time. I nearly cried when we walked through the gate. My daughter told me not to be so excited. My son & hubs were unfortunately back at the hotel due to bout of kiddo constipation. One of those moments I dreamed about that was so opposite the perfect picture in my head, but I still managed to ADORE the entire experience.
  4. My mother told me I'm a good mother
    My mama is badass. I look at my childhood, and I can very surely claim that my parents did the absolute best they could (with what they had) in raising us. I have decided which of her parenting examples to take to heart, and when to forge a different path. It's amazing that she respects that and acknowledges my hard work with my monsters. I'm so so lucky to have her.
  5. Being the Cool Mom to all the kindergarteners
    They confide their little problems to me. I help them build rockets in class. They dig my terrible Jafar impression.
  6. Leading a Girl Scout meeting
    Nerd alert. I used to work at Sierra Club & was so stoked to run a "using resources wisely" meeting for kids. We had a Recycle Relay and I taught them about conservation and energy. I felt like a general badass, especially when some of the girls mentioned my lesson a few weeks later in totally separate classroom context. THE POWER OF LEARNING!!!
  7. My kids adore our friends
    Hubs and I have a few incredible friends who dote upon our kids and vice versa. It ensures people are more willing to come hang with us in the 'burbs