1. So...in effort to move beyond my comfort zone more this year, I'm auditioning for a community production of Romeo & Juliet
    Shakespeare in the park, y'all! I live for that stuff!
  2. I used to do a lot of theatre at university, & I miss it
    I was pretty decent, once upon a time. It's really fun to be part of a little community that has a very specific goal/project. Plus, I'm home with kids all day now. It'd be pretty cool to hang with more adults again
  3. I auditioned last year (the 1st time in 12 years!) for a community theatre's open call for any of the plays in their 2016 season
    I bit off more than I could chew, but it was fun. Because I don't do musicals, that eliminated me from about half the shows. Also, there are a lot of professional actors in the Bay Area that will do smaller theatre to boost their resumes/exposure — as they should, it's their craft. It was a great learning experience to re-familiarize myself with the process. My out-of-practice self did not get a callback over the professionals I was up against, but I'm so glad I gave it a shot & pushed myself
  4. This upcoming audition is more my speed
    Shakespeare!!! One specific play instead of single open call for 6 different shows/directors! A smaller company! Only 1 monologue!
  5. With that said...I gots to pick a tragical-type Bard monologue
  6. Any suggestions?
    I'm 35 & willing to play any role (regardless of age/gender). My understanding is the casting will be open to that. So I just need a piece that can showcase me best. Not to exceed 3 minutes
  7. One idea: Queen Margaret (Henry VI, Part III)
    Badass & mean speech where she taunts prisoner York, a guy trying to overthrow the king, before ordering her flunkies to kill him
  8. Another: Constance (King John)
    Her young son is the king's nephew & next in line for the throne. The king has him taken prisoner (for his "protection"), & Constance gives this great wailing, grieving speech about how her son is more or less been sentenced to death
  9. Another: Goneril (King Lear)
    Eldest daughter has just received power/inheritance from her kingly father, who has retired. In this speech, she complains about him & his will to hold on to the power that he supposedly ceded to her
  10. I was considering monologues that aren't too overdone. I'm thinking a strong (i.e. angry) audition may be best, since R&J is a play with so many firey characters who are ready to fight...
  11. ...but what say y'all? Any other speeches I should consider? Any votes for the ones I listed? Tips?
    I'll take anything 🙏🏼
  12. Giphy
  13. So I auditioned this morning...
    ...as Constance (grieving/angry mother from King John). @lizabeth you were so right about that speech — they instantly were pleased that I chose one that isn't performed much! The director was kind & told me afterward that he was very surprised it's been 13 years since I was last on a stage ("You fell right back into it." 😀). I have a callback tomorrow, I'm bending considered for Lady Capulet!!
  14. Callbacks went really well!
    I auditioned for any role & was asked to come back to read for Lady Capulet. I had a day + night to read over all her scenes (I already know the play pretty well) & make some notes/observations about who her character is to me. I went in not knowing what I'd read or how it'd go. Was given the scene (I.3) where the nurse clucks over Juliet & Lady tries to sway her into marrying Paris. Was paired randomly with 2 other ladies reading for those parts & we had fun performing it!
  15. ...now I sit around & wait!
    Only 1 other person there reading for Lady Capulet. We have different looks & (when I snuck a peek at her practicing) she performed the scene very differently from me. To me, Lady C is a young mother, proud of Juliet but emotionally removed from her, which is how I played it. Other lady played her giddy & affectionate. I stick by the choices I made & am content that if I don't get it, it's simply because they want to go in another direction. A few weeks to wait before I hear final decision!