I'm trying to read Shakespeare's full canon. I break down the plays and connect them to life in the 21st century (specifically mine) to show he's still relevant. It's all on my website: www.dreadpiratemama.com and it's more fun than it sounds. Varying pop culture shows up along the way, particularly in the form of music...
  1. King of Pain: The Police
    You will never again listen to Richard II whine without thinking of this song
  2. Back to Life: Soul II Soul
    As You Like It is all about leaving the oppressive court environment for the freedom of the forest. But then everyone ends up returning to court in the end. Reminds me of a song that plays in my head every single time I head home after a vacation.
  3. Heart of the Matter: Don Henley
    🎶I think it's about...FORGIVENESS🎶 Basically sums up the last messed-up act of Cymbeline. (Do yourself a favor and don't watch the movie, no matter how much you love Ed Harris.)
  4. Cruel to Be Kind: Nick Lowe
    Ok, so this song is from the 70s, but it steals its name directly from a phrase in Hamlet. Points for the song being covered in the 90s by Letters to Cleo for the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack!
  5. I've got 17 more plays to go, so trust this list will grow! 🎭🎶📖