Songs for a Drunken 30-Something Solo Silent Disco [💃🏽]

Sometimes, you're 34. Sometimes, you're married & a mother of 2. Sometimes, you really miss dancing & seldom get the opportunity. Sometimes, you're on vacation & have had 5 beers & everyone else is in bed. So you're in your beach rental house & you put in your headphones & dance like an idiot on the back porch to the following tunes:
  1. Daylight - Matt & Kim
    This is a blatant throw back to 2008 & my last year of music festivals (the very 1st Outside Lands) before I got all married & preggo (this band live is like 4 yr olds on Lucky Charms & it's glorious)
  2. Take a Walk - Raphael Sadiiq
    Only the craziest sexy song ever. I defy you not to dance when listening!!
  3. Dancing on My Own - Robyn
    Dance party that ended the Girls pilot. I'm a good 8 yrs older than this cast of characters, but the soundtracks are SO GOOD
  4. Hypnotize - the Notorious BIG
    Julia Stiles jam
  5. Let The Good Times Roll - JD MacPherson
    This album is so fun and good! Vintage bopping. I dare you not to dance
  6. Modern Love - David Bowie
    A classic boogie tune
  7. Date with the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Because you are a sexual being, even though you are someone's mother, DAMMIT
  8. Mysterious Ways - U2
    Achtung Baby is their sexiest and most dance-worthy album. Don't even try to challenge me on this one
  9. Shimmy Shimmy Ya - ODB
    Takes me way, way, back to my early 20s dance floor days
  10. Make Me Feel My Love - Adele
    Gotta be Adele's cover. I sang that version to my son as a baby, now 3 yrs ago. Tonight, it made me drunkenly sentimental cry (in a good way) & remember that I'm a grown up capable of crazy intense love. I went inside soon after. Because I thought of how much I adore this Iittle face...then realized he would come wake me up in 6 hours time 😳
  11. 💃🏽🍻😆