The Great Instagram Request Experiment

  1. A lot of us have been less-than-satisfied with recent developments here on app. Users are far less engaged & even when we check's like we don't know what to do with ourselves
  2. And many of us already follow each other on other forms of social media
    Brand recognition: I'm dreadpiratemama across all platforms 👋🏼
  3. So, today I sent a "list request" to about 30 of my buddies over on Instagram. It's a silly & tame topic, they're invited to post whatever pic/caption they want on the topic. I only ask that they put "LR" in the caption and tag me in the pic so I can see it
    Please don't be upset if I didn't send you one! I just clicked off some names in my follow list, but I love everyone equally. If you want to play & didn't hear from me, just shoot me a msg on Instagram!
  4. I got solid response & interest from about 1/3 of the folks in messages, so I'm hoping it'll provide a little fun
  5. I'll check back here in a couple of days to update y'all on what happened & if the experiment failed/succeeded...
  6. ...if it succeeds, we may just end up turning to Instagram for community & keep in its rightful place as repository for grocery items
  7. Aw, bunches of people played the past couple of days! No idea of it's a thing that will catch on, but it was really fun to check in with folks on a different format ❤🙌🏼
    Note: if you decide to LR people on Instagram, try having a specialized hashtag for your topic if you have a few people in on the game