The Madonna Inn

I spent the weekend holed away with my hubs & some old friends in a magical, gloriously tacky old inn. Take a drive on the 101 to CA's beautiful central coast & feast your eyes on this beaut. 💕🏰💕
  1. ✨ Welcome ✨
  2. Come check in
    to our Alpine-inspired pink glory
  3. Enjoy a swim in the 80 degree weather
    (No one ever uses the adjoining fitness room, so plenty of room for you to yoga your little heart out)
  4. Slide on up to the Silver Lounge Bar
    ...where you can & WILL play Cards Against Humanity while relaxing in a pink brothel house with your old college buddies
  5. Stuff yourself silly at breakfast
    Biscuits & crispy bacon always ease a hangover!
  6. Check out our waterfall urinal!
    Your husband will absolutely drag you by the hand to make sure you see it
  7. Sleep in the luxurious Victorian bordello known as the Anniversary Room
  8. Complete with stone shower & heated toilets with built-in bidet!
    Ah! 🚽
  9. But most importantly, enjoy some time away from it all with your beloved
    Celebrating one of your oldest friends (while getting very drunk to forget the absolute awkwardness of seeing your college ex - who's heart you broke - after a decade while his wife tries to befriend you 😳)