As far as I can see
  1. To learn something new
    Sometimes the best thing you can do is just to read and Follow a ton of people; deep-dive into those trending li.sts about something that's happening in the world today. Seek out users that are not like you; it's so worth it. Take a moment to just hear where they're coming from. You don't have to come up with a defensive comment — most li.sts aren't about attacking everything you are and stand for. I'm grateful for users who are so willing to share their experiences here
  2. The ability to say, "*gasp* Me too!"
    Users of this app get that little buzz of recognition when someone posts something that they experienced or felt first hand. It happens A LOT. Sometimes it's as goofy as a shared love for a dumb movie that no one else seems to like. Other times it's someone who is sharing a dark moment that you have also gone through. Either way, we can all recognize bits of humanity in each other this way.
  3. To laugh
    Always WITH, never AT.
  4. To support
    Even if it's with a simple heart emoji, just knowing you're heard is so important and comforting
  5. Thanks, follow users, for sharing yourselves ❤️