Theatre I've Seen in 2017

On any kind of stage, period
  1. Twelfth Night
    5-person cast from area professional troupe, in my local library, with 13 1st grade Daisy Scouts & their parents. I organized a kids-first-Bard experience for my kid's Scout troop. The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival tours a shortened (but original language in tact!) play around schools, libraries, shelters, & community centers each winter. I schooled the girls on the play's plot & Bard's language — they ended up loving it. This is a pic of some of the girls with the cast
  2. Matilda the Musical
    National touring group, Center for Performing Arts in San Jose, with my daughter. We have been obsessed with the soundtrack ever since. Amazing choreography and effects, energetic cast, the perfect first experience for a kid seeing a professional play
  3. The Little Mermaid Mini-Musical
    Local children's theatre class, in our suburb's community center, my husband & son & I watching my daughter & her friends perform. She played Flotsam & various fishes/merfolk, they sang Disney songs in their hand-made costumes, & I laughed the whole time. Yes, this pic is my kid as a villainous second-banana eel
  4. Fun Home
    Tony-award winning musical's national touring group, Curran Theatre in San Francisco, with my husband. My in-laws got us tickets for my birthday & it was the best gift ever! I had read the graphic novel it's based on, about an artist's (true story!) struggle with her father's death in the light of learning that he's gay, like her. Equal parts hilarious & moving. I laughed, I cried. Performance got a huge standing ovation
  5. Roe
    New play, Berkeley Repertory Theater, with a new mom friend (our kids are buddies) who happens to be an actress & invited me along. This play is going to be HUGE when it gets to NYC; I'm making this prediction now. Gives the story of the woman who was "Jane Roe" in Roe v Wade, as well as her lawyer who argued case in Supreme Court. The history of abortion law told through the personal stories of 2 women, who argue about what "truth" actually entails. Just incredible
  6. As You Like It
    The other NorCal Shakespeare company, in Bruns Ampiheatre in Orinda, with my old high school/college friend (we've been in 3 Shakespeare plays together!). I love seeing theatre outdoors, and this group does the most beautiful sets in their space. The cast was good, I loved the set/costume differentiation b/t the stuffy, rule-obsessed court & the poor but free forest life. Some acting/directing choices (namely those for Jacques character) a bit odd, but overall fun production
  7. Hamlet
    Daughter's Shakespeare camp put on a 30 minute performance (highly edited, but Bard's own dialogue) — full cast & crew of kids ages 7-12. My gal (pony tail kid on the left) played Guildenstern & the Player Queen. In this photo, they're all giving the "To be or not to be" speech together as ensemble. She's performed it at least 3x for various groups of adults since camp
  8. The Other Place
    This is a funny & sad little drama by Sharr White about a woman coming to terms with her dissolving marriage, estranged daughter, and a medical condition. I don't want to give any more plot for fear of spoilers. My friend Lisa was in it, playing 3 different characters. It's a small cast, was well-produced, and warmly acted. I loved supporting a mama friend who inspires me by trying to feed her passion for theatre while still caring for her family
  9. Something Rotten
    National tour at the Orpheum in San Francisco with @supercommonname 😊 She was so kind to invite me along & we laughed heaps. 2 brother playwrights compete with rock-God-like Shakespeare in 1590s. They meet with a soothsayer to come up with next big theatre idea & end up trying to put on a musical called Omelette (Hamlet with a breakfast twist, him being Danish & all). So many call outs to both Shakespeare & astounding number of jokes about Broadway musicals. Hilarious, cheesy, great cast!
  10. Hamlet
    Shakespeare in the Park production by SF Shakespeare. I took my daughter for the 3rd year in a row. She was especially excited for this one, as she'd done the condensed, kiddie version of the show a few weeks earlier at a day camp run by the same organization. Great use of females in roles (as Rose & Guild, as Polonius, Laertes), and a lovely male Ophelia. Casting was to fit the actor to the role rather than keep with gender confines. Had to leave early as kiddo was pushing 10pm & getting tired