Things I Fail to Understand

It's the little things that bug one the most
  1. Where Tori Went
    What the hell? She was my fave
  2. The Jibber-Jabber on the Dr. Bronner's Soap Bottles
    I'm on board with all the talk of a higher being and the importance of cleanliness...but I'm not following the literal sentence structure. It's all fragments and stream of conscious nonsense; the grammar is atrocious
  3. Why Packs of Hot Dogs & Hot Dog Buns Aren't Equal in Number
    Steve Martin knew exactly what I'm talking about
  4. Culotte pants
    They are butt-ugly on absolutely everyone. You are all too beautiful to make this mistake!!
  5. Addendum: Disney DVDs "Fast Play" Feature
    It's code for "all our previews and ads for our junk, then the movie". Nothing fast about it. Just press play button to actually view movie. WHY??