Ever-so-slightly different from Things I Fail to Understand
  1. Why people voted for Trump
    I refuse to even try
  2. How anyone who is not stoned or a child is entertained by Snapchat filters
    Giphy downsized medium
  3. Why male seahorses carry the babies
    I'm just glad they do
  4. Why it sounds better on vinyl
  5. How romanesco even exists
    It's a fractal, like some psychedelic vegetable seashell, & it's delicious. Who made this? How? Naturally occurring? I don't need to know as long as the bi-weekly farm box keeps it coming
  6. Tinder
    It just sounds like the worst thing ever
  7. The floating man emoji: 🕴🏻
    He looks a bit like well-dressed Moss from The IT Crowd, also vaguely reminds me of the creepy quiet demons (although they were bald) from the Hush episode of Buffy. I like both of these pop culture connotations, & i think the real meaning behind the emoji just wouldn't be as entertaining for me
  8. Why my children/husband/other family love me
    It's enough that they do