Inspired by @BWN_7 — I'm willing to be optimistic about some things in a year where I know for certain that some serious bullshit is on the horizon
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    Tahoe & trying to get my kids to ski 👦🏼👧🏻⛷
    We go the 1st week of January! I love visiting snow, but sure as hell glad I no longer have to live in it
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    The Dark Tower movie
    I may finally need to look into getting a local babysitter...
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    Maybe actually finally finishing my Shakespeare project
    I'm working my way through all of the Bard's canon & writing about how each work relates to the 21st century (i.e. through my little life). It's slow going, but AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I WILL FINISH (Flipping the Script on My Project Failure)
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    Better Call Saul season 3
    One of the most perfect shows on TV right now. Michael McKean slays me ⚖️
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    Not having any weddings to attend!
    I usually really like weddings —they're a chance to dress up with my hubs, get away from the kids for a night or two, and dance with old friends. But I'm feeling like it's time to make fun reunions happen without the need for expensive gifts & awkward traditions & bad catering.
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    Doctor Who returning!
    🚨nerd alert 🚨
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    Auditioning for another play
    After a 12 year hiatus, I did it for the first time this past year. Mostly, it was about getting the lay of the land & just proving to myself that I still could. It's not easy to get involved in community theatre in the Bay Area (where lots of professional actors do it), but I'm determined to get a call back eventually
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    Search Party season 2
    Imagine a show that's basically Girls, but the main character is empathetic & there's a twisted mystery driving the plot. It's really funny, surprisingly touching, and has such a good cast. Go binge it pronto, then tell me how excited you are for the 2nd season
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    The comfortable assurance that my kids aren't babies anymore
    My youngest turns 4 in a few weeks, finally leaving sleep deprivation & potty training & toddler-hood in the dust. I like babies just fine, but my womb is closed off forevermore 🚫👶🏼🚫 Bring on the big-kid fun!
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    American Gods
    How could I forget that Shadow & Wednesday and crew are coming to the small screen?!?! Yay for in-laws sharing their password for premium channels I don't have! Bryan Fuller's treatment of a kick-ass Neil Gaiman novel is going to be epic