Excellent request @andersun 😂 Anyone following my Instagram feed last week put up with copious pics from my "fun"-filled family spring break (which was overall good...just limited to 6 & 4 year old enjoyment)
  1. Pioneer Square
    Older part of the city near downtown; great for wandering around on foot. There's even a tiny National Park museum! On foot wanderings were mostly avoided due to massive whining. Sad, because walking is my number one way to really soak in a city
  2. Tillicum Excursion
    A 4 hour tour including a boat ride to Blake Island to visit Tillicum Village. Learn about the area's Native American history, sample local foods. My oldest would have been on board with this, but I would have worn myself out telling my son not to touch things every 6 minutes
  3. Any other restaurant except Cheesecake Factory or a pizza place
    Food is my number one favorite thing about traveling; I love to sample new tastes & local favorites. My children begged for the goddamn chain restaurant that's at the mall 3 miles away from our house (that we never even go to, because I am not a fan). Pike Place Chowder would have been a nice treat
  4. Museum of Pop Culture
    To be fair, we did ride the monorail through it AND went to 2 other museums & a playground in the same area. My daughter would have been ok, but it's another situation where the 4 year old boy gets bored when he can't run around &/or touch stuff. It's an age thing that he'll grow out of. I know we could have just split up, but Hubs was getting mighty worn out from son's perpetual insistence that Daddy not leave his side. Didn't seem right to abandon him for an afternoon
  5. Seattle Underground Tour
    I loved this as a teenager! Many cities build new on top of the old, & Seattle is no exception. This is a down-and-dirty look at that part, plus history of prostitution & crime & other fun tales
  6. University of Washington
    I have this weird fascination with visiting college campuses, even though I graduated 13 years ago
  7. Bars & Brewing Companies
    I mean
  8. So what did work with kids?
    Seattle Center: Artists' Playground, Children's Museum, Pacific Science Center. Pike Place Market (limited wandering). Seattle Aquarium. Hanging out at the AirBnb. Amtrak ride on the way up