Shows I competed in some bulk format - a whole season, a whole series, a full-length special. No one-off HGTV eps, TV news, or late-night The Dead Files eps considered here. Also no holdovers from 2016 listed here either (i.e. the 2 eps of The Good Place to finish up season 1)
  1. Hollow Crown: The Wars of to Roses (Part II)
    British TV movie of Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 3. Impeccable, well-trained cast, fun insults, fun violence & war plot
  2. Hollow Crown: The Wars of to Roses (Part III)
    TV movie version of Richard III. Benedict Cumberbatch really getting the chance to chew some scenery as the ultimate bad-boy protagonist. Lots of fun, can totally be a stand-alone film. If you watch only 1 part of the Hollow Crown series & you don't follow a lot of Shakespeare, this is the one you'd actually enjoy
  3. Veep, seasons 4-6
    Powered through the remainder of the series (to date) when I needed to remind myself that politics is ultimately very funny & ridiculous. I saw the 5 finale on Inauguration Day when I was avoiding all news coverage. No spoilers for those who haven't seen it (you really should!!!), but it was highly apropos for the mood that day. This year's 6th season was a little scattered & Selina's narcissism was at times too upfront (compared to previous years), but still made me laugh
  4. The IT Crowd, entire series
    Watched this a second time around. Desperately needed a laugh in January when it felt like the world was imploding. Went back to this familiar fave like a comforting blanket. I streamed on Netflix from my laptop while cooking supper most nights
  5. Black Books, entire series
    This has been in my queue forever, & I needed an absurdist, weird little comedy in the winter, especially once IT Crowd was done. This fit the bill perfectly. I will certainly watch this again in about a year's time
  6. Victoria, season 1
    I am a sucker for a British-made PBS-aired historical drama. Not wonderful, but lots of fun. Costumes!!!
  7. One Day at a Time, season 1
    I sometimes sorta miss sitcoms of yore. Family-centered, laugh track, tackles relevant issues of the day. This Norman Lear re-boot on Netflix fit the bill perfectly. Sometimes corny jokes, but a lot of heart
  8. Sherlock, final season
    Steven Moffet really upped the twisty storylines for the final year. I love the characters & their portrayals in this whole update, but Moffet would have done well to remember that Holmes is not the Doctor, and he doesn't necessarily need a big emotional family storyline. The mystery-an-episode format would have continued to work well for me, personally. Sherlock with heightened emotions is just a
  9. The Affair, season 3
    Good God. An excellent show its first year, still really strong second season...but it lost its story framework (different perspectives of flashbacks being told within a framing device of an investigation) this year. There were a few stand out episodes, but this season was really preoccupied with the childhood of the main character...when it was never really a big deal before. And the finale was a disjointed off-tone mess. I was more disgusted by this finale than Lost or HIMYM
  10. Love, season 2
    The characters all got more fleshed-out. I like shows with people that I don't feel I have to root for or against...sometimes it's just interesting to see where their choices take them. Good music, and Mickey is my new style icon
  11. Big Little Lies
    Passing the Bechtel test with flying colors, power house performances from actresses who are just consistently great. I was less enthralled with the mystery; I was on board for the complex characters & the incredible style/music/acting/editing to convey story
  12. Schitts Creek, seasons 1-2
    Form the gorgeous partnership of Eugene Levy & Catherine O'Hara, this show centers on a wealthy, narcissistic family who lose all their dough & end up in a back-woods hick town. Their grown children (one of who is Dan Levy, co-writer & son of Eugene) are spoiled, mildly incapable, and reliably hilarious. Streaming on Netflix; check it out!
  13. Girls, season 6
    Look, I have always been fond of this show. Weirdly, I binged the first few eps from the hospital while in labor with my son (dude, labor can be long and boring). I kept making my husband pause it whenever a nurse entered the room because I didn't want them to think we were watching porn. The 2nd season premiered right after we brought him home and we instantly jumped in. Final season's main storyline brought it full circle for me. Glad this weird little show made me laugh so much
  14. The Charmichael Show, seasons 1-2
    Like One Day at a Time, I enjoy this show because it is such a throw-back to the kinds of sitcoms I grew up watching, but it's about stuff going on in today's world. It's even filmed before a live studio audience! Centered on a multi-generational black family in Charlotte, it's funny & topical as they argue with each other over any/all issues: anything from porn to Donald Trump. Loretta Divine & David Alan Grier are so good together: funny, warm, & taking no shit
  15. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, seasons 1-2
    So very glad I dove into this one...powered through at odd times (namely, on my laptop while cooking supper & kids are in another room). I love how much of this loopy musical is grounded in the reality of the (highly relatable) insecurities & issues of the characters. Excellent cast; catchy tunes, made me guffaw laughing on the regular
  16. iZombie, seasons 1-3
    Have a hole in your heart because there's no more Buffy and/or Veronica Mars? I've this Rob Thomas gem a try. Silly premise (young Doctor awakes after a party gone wrong to discover she's a zombie), but super snappy dialogue, crazy twisty conspiracy-theory mystery plots, and very fun characters & cast dynamic vaguely reminiscent of Buff's Scooby gang. Totally surprised by how I devoured this show & (UPDATE) I blitzed through the just-finished 3rd season as well
  17. Silicon Valley, season 4
    Remains hilarious. Strong character work, particularly by Zach Woods. I can attest there really are people like this on the SF Peninsula, and they really do feel everything they are doing is this high-stakes all the time
  18. Better Call Saul, season 3
    The best show currently on television. You do not have to be a Breaking Bad fan to enjoy it. Michael McKean is perfection & I will groan once, loudly & long, if he doesn't win Emmy for Best Supporting Actor this year
  19. Cheers, seasons 2-3 (and still going...)
    😭Coach😂 Laughter through tears, for sure. Easily one of the all-time great sitcom characters. Nicholas Colasanto had the most perfect comedic timing & totally sold Coach's dimwitted but bighearted ways. Also, great to appreciate again that Sam/Diane really are the blueprint for will-they-won't they without being utterly obnoxious. Finally, the 80s uber preppy Diane aesthetic is just amazing
  20. Doctor Who, series 10
    We're talking New Who, folks. I've admittedly never seen the classic series (only everything since 2005 reboot). Capaldi really brought it home; and Bill was a decent match. Always a mix of strong/weak episodes, by the 2 part finale really worked - hit all the good emotional beats, included some old show nerdy lore, and had a cool sci fi concept. Nothing will top last year's Heaven Sent episode for me, but it was a fun season & good send off for the 12th Doctor
  21. American Gods, season 1
    First half of the season, at least? I think it's returning later for more eps. It's visually stunning & a cool show for fans of the book. There are definite plot & character differences, but I think that's the fun of TV series based on books — there's more room & appreciation for divergence (rather than movies based on books). Overall, I really enjoy the cast
  22. Catastrophe, seasons 1-3
    The absolute best shows about relationships that you're not watching. You want a glimpse of what can make marriage both meaningful & difficult? This is the hilarious show to give you that glimpse. Streaming on Amazon, 30 mins an ep, 6 eps a season. Breeze through & revel in the brilliance
  23. Cheers, seasons 2-4
    I'm blowing through one of the major comedies of my childhood thanks to Netflix. It's the kind of quick laugh show that I can run on my laptop while I'm making supper for the family. Anyone ever looking to write for TV should be made to watch this show; so many of our standard tropes in shows today came straight from here. I will also affirm that Coach is my all-time fave sitcoms character: Nicholas Castalano played him with such heart & believability and SUPREME comedic timing
  24. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, season 3
    I needed this blast of Tina Fey humor in our days of Trump. I enjoyed this more than the 2nd season. The Columbia plot line was solid, especially with a turn by Daveed Diggs. But most importantly, the show allowed for Titus to truly become a co-star rather than sidekick with some fully hilarious character development
  25. Twin Peaks: The Return
    "Gotta light?" ☕️🎰 "Hellllllooooooooo"
  26. Younger, season 4
    One of my fave fluff TV shows. Who doesn't adore Sutton Foster?